Pop music.

Pop Music as a separate music genre, appeared relatively recently, in the 1960s of the last century in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Characteristic features of pop music are melodic, simple and light melodies. The main emphasis in pop composition is on vocals and rhythm, on the instrumental part is paid much less attention. In fact, pop music is expressed exclusively in the songs, the texts of which are plain and focused primarily on personal experiences: love, sadness, joy.

Special attention in pop music deserves a visual representation of the songs in music videos or in concert shows. In this regard, it is logical to talk about pop music as a kind of mass product having its own specific promotion channels. To stand out from the crowd, many pop performers choose, to put it mildly, eccentric image (the most recent examples – Lady Gaga, Sia).

Every year around the world are held a great number of festivals and competitions among pop artists. The most authoritative prize in the field of pop music – Grammy Awards, a kind of musical “Oscar”. In addition to the Grammy, there are many different awards, among which are the most prestigious American Music Awards, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards.

Pop music has spawned a phenomenon of pop star – the personality, whose life is attracted the attention of the press and the public due to her musical activities. The popularity of a pop artist often does not depend on his musical talents, but depends on such factors as appearance, sex appeal, the press coverage. In order to attract public attention, many pop performers and their producers go to the provocation, scandals and rumors. Therefore, pop music is often criticized and is characterized not as the art of music, but like “a mean of fooling the people.”