Pop music.

Pop Music as a separate music genre, appeared relatively recently, in the 1960s of the last century in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Characteristic features of pop music are melodic, simple and light melodies. The main emphasis in pop composition is on vocals and rhythm, on the instrumental part is paid much less attention. In fact, pop music is expressed exclusively in the songs, the texts of which are plain and focused primarily on personal experiences: love, sadness, joy.

Special attention in pop music deserves a visual representation of the songs in music videos or in concert shows. In this regard, it is logical to talk about pop music as a kind of mass product having its own specific promotion channels. To stand out from the crowd, many pop performers choose, to put it mildly, eccentric image (the most recent examples – Lady Gaga, Sia).

Every year around the world are held a great number of festivals and competitions among pop artists. The most authoritative prize in the field of pop music – Grammy Awards, a kind of musical “Oscar”. In addition to the Grammy, there are many different awards, among which are the most prestigious American Music Awards, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards.

Pop music has spawned a phenomenon of pop star – the personality, whose life is attracted the attention of the press and the public due to her musical activities. The popularity of a pop artist often does not depend on his musical talents, but depends on such factors as appearance, sex appeal, the press coverage. In order to attract public attention, many pop performers and their producers go to the provocation, scandals and rumors. Therefore, pop music is often criticized and is characterized not as the art of music, but like “a mean of fooling the people.”

Lounge music.

Lounge music – a lightweight, quiet, background music for relaxation and pleasure. It creates a relaxed atmosphere in fashionable restaurants, fitness clubs, boutiques and characterizes the state of mind of the modern educated person.

Lounge – a musical style that emerged from acid-jazz and combining in itself a wide range of musical styles and genres. The principal can be considered: progressive, deep-house chill-out, downtempo, nu-wave, ambient.

The main burst of lounge music was in the 1950-60 years. It was during this period the orchestras Paul Mauriat, Bert Kaempfert, Herb Alpert, Horst Jankowski and other musical ensembles have become carriers of the lounge culture. At the same time the very popular was Italian music (Italianeasy listening).

In the early 90s, the best world’s DJs transferred the Lounge ideas into electronic music (or vice versa). And in the mid-90s there was another significant event which had predicted a well-known DJ and journalist John Peel – in electronic music came the jazz musicians and enriched it by improvisation. In the late ’90s the most iconic became the series of collections of «Cafe del Mar», «Hotel Costes», «Buddha bar». In Italy, Nicola Konte managed to successfully combine acid-jazz, bossa nova and lounge. As a result – elegant series «Break n bossa».

Today, the world’s most iconic groups of lounge music are: De-Phazz, Jazzanova, Gabin, Monteffiori Coctail, Hooverphonic and others.

Having absorbed the musical tones of different countries and cities in the world, the lounge best conveys atmosphere and cozy-melancholy mood of our planet. In connection with this, many lounge-compositions include tools and features of different nations of the world.

The importance of music in human life.

Music in human life is very important. It helps a person to develop spiritually. Not by chance all the creative people who are engaged in music, are very talented and interesting personalities. If the children from childhood are engaged in music, it does not matter singing or playing musical instruments, scientifically proven that for such children, is much easier given the learning, especially the study of foreign languages.

Since ancient times, our ancestors loved to sing and play musical instruments, they have worked a lot physically, and a song have always helped them. Music helps to relax, improves mood. With help of music you can express your feelings and emotions. In many clinics around the world, the doctors treat patients and even make surgeries with music, which gives positive effects for further recovery. And, of course, all celebratory events take place with music whether it\’s weddings or banquets.

There are numerous directions, from classical to rock, what you like to listen to it is a matter of taste. Music has become a necessity of our life, it helps us to relax after a hard and busy day, relieves a stress. Without music, we can not have fun. Music discloses a man, showing his true face, it brings people together. You can tell a lot about a person\’s character, learning what kind of music he prefers to listen. Nowadays, music is everywhere, it sounds from the TV, Internet, telephones. Music is the most affordable of all the arts. Listen and enjoy! Music is eternal!